News: Education International launches platform to counter 'crisis in education'

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Thu, 14/06/2012 - 14:31
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Education International (EI), a global movement representing organisations of teachers and other education employees has launched a website to counter what they have identified as a 'crisis in education'.

EI argues that education throughout the world is in crisis. They note that in many countries the current economic crisis is having a devastating effect on education and that public funding for education is diminishing rapidly, resulting in cutbacks in lay-offs, salary and pension reductions as well as cuts in support services.

They further argue that external development funding for education services in poorer countries is also being reduced dramatically with the achievement of the Millennium Development Goal for Education by 2015 looking extremely unlikely. EI as a promoter of public education, further claim that the privatisation of education services and de-professionalization of teaching are being promoted by those who would undermine public education and make it subservient to the needs of the market.

You can find the website here: www.educationincrisis.net

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