Document: The Private School Revolution in Bihar - India

Baladevan Rangaraju, James Tooley and Pauline Dixon for India Institute and Newcastle University
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Mon, 23/04/2012 - 20:56
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Comprehensive studies on the extent of private unaided school participation in educating children in India have been minimal. The common perception is that low cost private unaided schools have been mushrooming in all parts of the country, but there has been little research that looks at both the quantity and quality of such schools. A study that analyses the complete private schools' landscape within a city has up until now not been carried out.

This study has attempted to fill that gap by exploring the what, where, why and how of private unaided schools in an entire Tier II city. This India Institute-Newcastle University study consists of three components:

1. A census and survey of private unaided schools in Patna Urban;

2. A random sample survey of 361 households;

3. An analysis of geographical distribution of various types of private schools in Patna Urban using GIS technology

The findings of this study are revolutionary and have implications for the entire country in the wake of stringent regulations for private schools in the RTE Act.

Submitted by: Baladevan Rangaraju, India Institute

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