Privatisation of Education: Global Trends, Multiple Manifestations and Common Concerns

Toni Verger, Academic, Centre for Globalisation, Education, Societies and Policy, Autonomous University of Barcelona
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Mon, 14/07/2014 - 15:18
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This presentation from Mr. Toni Verger from the centre for Globalisation, Education and Social Policies (GEPS) at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, provides a summary of past and current national and international advocacy efforts against privatisation. The presentation addresses the different forms of education privatisation, describing the global nature of privatisation and outlining the scope and scale of the actors involved in driving the privatisation agenda (international donors, multinational corporations and individual entrepreneurs). It aims to debunk key underlying assumptions behind private education including improved quality, access for out of school children and increased effectiveness, as well as highlighting some of the impacts on the right to education.

An audio recording of this presentation is available at http://www.right-to-education.org/resource/human-rights-council-side-event-privatisation-and-its-impact-right-education-overview