Opportunity: Call for Tenders - The Right to Education and Privatisation: Analysis of Single and Multi-Country Research

Privatisation in Education Research Initiative
Publication Date:
Mon, 19/11/2012 - 01:00

The Right to Education Project (RTE) will be conducting analysis of approximately 20 individual pieces of current research recently published through PERI, which was funded by Open Society. The research pieces are either single-country or multi-country (of two countries) research examining various impacts of privatisation of education. The PERI research pieces have not been designed to provide an analysis of the potential human rights impacts. Rather than initiating a new research initiative on privatisation of education, RTE will conduct human-rights based analysis of these new pieces of research. The analysis will be conducted by a consultant or split between several consultants and will draw on international legal standards. The consultant(s) will identify the key findings from each piece of research, which RTE will use to compile a report on the findings and to identify gaps in research on the topic of privatisation of education and the human rights impacts. The report will be shared with key stakeholders, such as national education coalitions, academics, research institutes, educationalists, and policy-makers, and will be used as a basis for future work on the topic, including future research.


The consultant(s) will conduct the analysis in liaison with the Right to Education Project. The anticipated methodology will include:

- Review and analyse of each piece of research using international human rights standards

- Identify the impact of privatization on the right to education, using a template created by RTE

- Provide an overview of the findings from the analysis of each research piece

It is anticipated that the work can be conducted as desk research and that there will be no need for field research or travel.


We anticipate that the overall work will begin in December 2012 and will take approximately 2 days per research piece, which is a total of 40 days. Since there are many pieces to review, the research pieces may be split amongst several consultants. The work should be completed by 25 January 2013.

Roles & Responsibilities

The consultant(s) is expected to conduct the necessary research to ensure that they are fully informed on the international human rights standards for the right to education as it relates to privatisation, liaise with RTE, conduct the human rights based analysis of the assigned research pieces using the template provided, and draft a brief report (estimated 3 pages) outlining the findings from the analysis.

The Right to Education Project will make available to the consultant(s) the PERI research pieces that the consultant(s) will analyse, the template for conducting the analysis, which outlines the key elements of the analysis, and additional support and advice on the process.

Person Specification

The consultant should meet the following criteria:

- An advanced degree in human rights law or equivalent experience in human rights legal analysis

- Solid understanding of the right to education and of economic, social and cultural rights in general

- Knowledge of the potential human rights impacts of privatisation of essential services

- Experience developing high quality human rights analysis of concrete situations

- Understanding of how human rights standards should be incorporated into national laws and policies

- Ability to write clearly and succinctly in English

- Attention to detail and to be thorough

- Ability to work quickly and to tight deadlines; flexibility.


The available budget for the analysis is £375.00 (GBP) per research piece. The consultant is responsible for managing their own tax contributions. There are no anticipated travel expenses. Wherever possible, the consultant should utilise cost-effective methods, such as skype, etc. Any expenses must be agreed and approved in advance and will be paid upon completion of an expense report with original receipts.

Application Requirements

To apply, please send the following:

- A proposal showing your understanding of the work to be completed, the number of research pieces that you will be able to analyse, your approach (including any additions to the above methodology and any foreseen challenges), and timeline.

- A CV

- An unedited written sample of a similar type of analysis (policy brief, report, etc.)

- Names and contact details of two referees.

Please submit your proposal to bailey.grey@actionaid.org by 5pm, Wednesday, 28 November 2012.

Interviews will take place on Tuesday, 4 December. If you have any questions in advance of submitting an application, please contact bailey.grey@actionaid.org or +44 (0) 20 3122 0517.

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