Regional Conference on Globalisation, Regionalisation and Privatisation in and of Education in Africa

Privatisation in Education Research Initiative
Publication Date:
Wed, 14/11/2012 - 13:02
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The Open Society Foundations (OSF) and the Privatisation in Education Research Initiative (PERI) recently held a conference on Globalization, Regionalization and Privatization in and of Education in Africa

The goal of the conference on was to bring together a range of institutions and representatives for two days to critically debate the relative merits and demerits of privatization in and of education on education qualityequityeffectiveness and efficiency. The intention was for the event to contribute to greater knowledge production and knowledge sharing on privatization in and of education in Africa, and the critical engagement of a broader range of stakeholders in policy discussions and process occurring regionally and nationally across Africa.

The event was attended by academics, national education coalitions and civil society networks and organisations, national and regional research organisations, bilateral and multilateral organisations with country offices in Africa as well as international NGOs working in Africa.

A report on the conference is available for download here 

The following papers (now available to download) were presented:

 International education frameworks and global actors

Leslie Limage: International education frameworks and goals: Agendas and the role of non-public actors - The EFA discourse 1990-2012 and beyond 2015

Twambilire Harris Mwabungulu: The influence of international targets on privatisation in and of education in Africa: the case of Malawi

Francine Menashy: The World Bank and the private provision of K-12 education: history, policies     and practices

Liberalisation, education and financing 

Keith Lewin: Who Pays the Piper? Can Low Price, Fee Paying Schools Self Finance and Enrol the Poorest?

Paula MacKinnon: The Low-Cost Private Education Sector: Improved Knowledge and Knowledge Management toward Informed Decision-Making 

Caine Rolleston: De facto Privatisation of Basic Education in Africa: A Market Response to Government Failure? A Comparative Study of the Cases of Ghana and Nigeria

Public private partnerships

Vijitha M. Eyango: Leveraging private sector support to achieve education and learning for all: Case studies of Morocco and Cameroon  

Joseph M. Patel: Learning from demand side education financing models worldwide (Public Private Partnerships) – paper not available

Paul-Sewa Thovoethin: Privatisation of education and the 6-3-3-4 educational system in Nigeria: a critical (re)assessment 

Equity and privatised education services

Tebeje Molla: Neoliberal policy agenda and problem of inequality in Higher Education: the Ethiopian case

Ashabrick Nantege, Olivia Mugabirwe & Batilda Evarist Moshy: Privatisation and parental choices in primary and secondary education: innovation challenges and cross border education in East Africa 

Malini Sivasubamaniam: Social Capital and parental decision making structures: Evidence from low-fee private schools in Kibera, Kenya

Quality of privatised education services

Afoma Okudo: An assessment of quality assurance in private secondary education in Nigeria

Sambalikagwa Mvona: Liberalisation, quality and public education in Malawi

Grace Chinenye Nweke and Ishola Akindele Salami: Alternative primary and secondary education and its influence on access to university education and self-efficacy of undergraduate students in Nigeria

Laura Quaynor: The implications of privatisation for citizenship education: Views from four Liberian schools 

Shem Okore Bodo: Qur’anic Schooling and Education for Sustainable development in Africa: the case of Kenya

Education rights and legal frameworks 

Bailey Grey: Using Human Rights Standards to assess privatisation of education in Africa

Richard Shilamba: Efficiency of Human Rights based governance in Tanzanian private schools

Shaun Franklin and Doran Isaacs: Equal Education and the EE Law Centre – State funding of private schools in South Africa

Assessment, regulation and monitoring 

Suzanne M. Anthony and Murray Thomas: School Peer Reviews – A model for changing the effectiveness and culture of school evaluations 

Steve Blunden: The national School Performance Review – working with government education structures