Regional Conference on Globalisation, Regionalisation and Privatisation in and of Education in Asia

Privatisation in Education Research Initiative
Publication Date:
Mon, 12/11/2012 - 01:00
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The Open Society Foundations (OSF) and the Privatisation in Education Research Initiative (PERI) recently held a conference on Globalization, Regionalization and Privatization in and of Education in Asia

The goal of the conference on was to bring together a range of institutions and representatives for two days to critically debate the relative merits and demerits of privatization in and of education on education qualityequityeffectiveness and efficiency. The intention was for the event to contribute to greater knowledge production and knowledge sharing on privatization in and of education in Asia, and the critical engagement of a broader range of stakeholders in policy discussions and process occurring regionally and nationally across Asia.

The event was attended by academics, national education coalitions and civil society networks and organisations, national and regional research organisations, bilateral and multilateral organisations with country offices in Asia as well as international NGOs working in Asia.

A report on the conference is available for download here

The following papers (now available to download) were presented:

Quality of educational services as a result of alternative educational service regulation and delivery mechanisms

Abbas Rashid & Salaeya Butt - Are Private Schools the answer to the crisis of Public sector schooling in Pakistan? – Paper unavailable

Ravish Amjad - Student attainment in government and low-cost private schools in rural Pakistan: Do fees (and higher fees) lead to greater academic attainment?

Keith Lewin - Who Pays the Piper? Can Low Price, Fee Paying Schools Self Finance and Enrol the Poorest?

Mariko Shiohata – Improving Educational Access and Quality for all Children? Reimagining the Purpose and Role of an INGO in Nepal

Richard Thompson - Progress and challenges in the Kathmandu Valley

Learning outcomes of private and public schools

Atiyab Sultan & Tareena Musaddiq - Prying the Private school effect: An empirical analysis of learning outcomes in public and private schools in Pakistan

Abhijeet Singh - The Private School Premium: Size and sources of the private school advantage in test scores in India

Access and choice

Baela Raza Jamil, Kiran Javaid & Baladevan Rangaraju - Investigating Dimensions of Privatisation of Public Education in South Asia

Muhammad Ashraf - Globalisation and Education Policy in Pakistan: The Challenges of Access and Equity in Education

Equity effects of educational liberalisation and marketization

Hamna Ahmed - Determinants of School Choice: evidence from Rural Punjab

Claire Noronha & Prachi Srivastava - The Right to Education Act in India and Private Schooling: a case study in Delhi – Paper not yet available

Akanksha Bapna – Clause 12 of the RTE in India

Christy Sommers - Primary education in rural Bangladesh: Degrees of access, choice, and participation of the poorest

James H. Williams & Yuto Kitamura - Privatisation and Teacher Education in Cambodia: Implications for Equity

Educational Public Private Partnerships (ePPPs) in regional multi-lateral education policy and different forms at national levels

Muhammad Naeem - Public Private Partnerships for education provision in Pakistan: How does Punjab Education Foundation address equity?

Karen Mundy: The World Bank and the private provision of K-12 education: history, policies, practices

Thea Soriano - Education Service Contracting in the Philippines: Investigating Trend Towards PPP in Education

Saraswoti Bharati – Resource Management for Quality Education: Concerns and the Measures – Paper not yet available

Musharraf Hossain Tansen - Public Private Partnership (PPP) in the Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Sector in Bangladesh: Challenges and Prospects

Globalisation and market-based education provision: the role and shape of private tutoring in South Asia

Mark Bray - Mapping Shadow Education in Asia: Implications of Scale and Diversity in Types of Private Supplementary Tutoring

Sahar Amjad Shaikh & Bisma Haseeb Khan - Shadow Education in Pakistan: Does it explain the learning gap between private and public schools?

William C. Brehm, Iveta Silova and Tuot Mono - The Public-Private Education System in Cambodia: The Impact and Implications of Complementary Tutoring